The Seniors Committee (Seniors Circle) is comprised of senior members mostly, newcomers to Canada. The group is diverse in nature with representation from different ethnic origins and various countries.

The membership to the group is free.

The committee is active for a couple of years now and is registered subsidiary of the “Muslim Association of Hamilton (MAH)” and is mandated to help newcomer and resident senior citizens in the Hamilton. The members help each other to overcome various social barriers and facilitate each other to integrate in the day to day living.

The committee, has shown its capacity to provide a platform to the seniors by:

  1. Creating an enabling environment by helping seniors of various backgrounds to share, learn and understand from each other and the society in particular
  2. Developing network to advocate the needs of senior and developing programs in the annual program planning of the mosque
  3. Providing the physical and social activities to seniors in Hamilton to live a healthy and active life
  4. Increasing the number of seniors engaged in various activities
  5. Understanding and sharing various cultures as represented by the seniors of this group and integrating within the Canadian culture and values

The seniors committee has been able to secure Ontario Seniors Community Grant (SCG) for the past two years, that has been utilized to offer many activities for seniors, free of cost. For full reports, please click below.

  • 2016-17

  • 2015-16

 For further information and comments, contact:

Programs and Events in 2017-18:

– Walk and Breakfast at 9am every sunday


 – Fall/Winter Sunday Mornings Knitting and Crochet at 10am

– Foster Parent Info Session – December 4 at 6pm

Foster Parent


Events that have already taken place:

– Grand River Nature Cruise – September 16, 2017

Seniors Nature Cruise