The Seniors Committee (MAH Seniors Group) is a group of volunteers that exists to serve seniors, including newcomers, couples, and single individuals. Its aim is to help seniors support each other to overcome various social barriers and facilitate integration in the community so they do not become isolated. It also aims to keep seniors in our community engaged physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The group is diverse in nature with representation from several ethnic origins and countries.


There is no cost for seniors to use the Committee’s services or attend its events. The Committee has been active for a number of years and is partially supported through grants it has secured from the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP).

Stay Connected

To stay updated with the offerrings of the Seniors Committe, you can subscribe to the community email newsletter, listen for our announcements before and after jumuah, or join our private WhatsApp group (contact us to be added). You can get in touch with the Committee by emailing seniors@hamiltonmosque.com or inquiring about the Committee at the admin office located inside Mountain Mosque.

We look forward to seeing you soon inshaAllah!

Past Activity

Some of the past events and services that we have been able to offer to date include:

  • Free community breakfast, lunch, dinner, and picnic gatherings for seniors
  • Mental health healing workshops
  • Medical care and training workshops offered by licensed professionals
  • Yoga and other exercise classes
  • Nutrition, healthy eating, and cooking classes
  • Financial management and estate planning sessions