The Muslim Association of Hamilton (MAH) has been operating successfully and effectively for the past 45 years.

The MAH strives to effectively deliver pertinent programs and services to our community. The completion of the New Mosque and development the community centre has been an absolute necessity. Alhumdulillah with the construction of the New Mosque building complete we can now focus on the Minaret, Dome and a youth-focused community centre.

The New Mosque and community centre have been well designed to accommodate the ever changing needs of our growing community. It allows in access of 3000 people to offer prayers. Renovations to the old Mosque area will be transformed into a comprehensive community centre.

This can only be possible with your support. We must all work together and build a legacy our children can benefit and learn from, Insha’Allah.

Your contribution today will serve as a part of an ongoing legacy and an essential opportunity for sadaqah-e-jariah which will be a cornerstone in the City of Hamilton for many of our generations to come.