“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

— Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Muslim Association of Hamilton (MAH) has been operating successfully and effectively for the past 45 years.

The MAH strives to effectively deliver pertinent programs and services to our community. Many of these services and facilities are maintained through generous donations by the community on a regular basis. Unfortunately with the sudden suspension of all services due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this has dramatically impacted the cashflow for the MAH and its ability to meet its various financial obligations.

Your contribution today will serve as a part of an ongoing legacy and an essential opportunity for sadaqah-e-jariah to help support the local services and facilities at MAH.

In order to pay by your bank account using email/interac transfer. Please follow the following steps:

  • Log in to your bank’s online services page or using their mobile app
  • Proceed to the interac/email transfer options
  • Send your payment to donate@hamiltonmosque.com
  • Important: Ensure you add a note indicating how your donation should be applied, e.g. zakat ul fitr, zakat ul amal, sadaqah, general donation, parking lot, ISH, etc. The MAH has enabled auto-deposit, and there is no need to setup a password.
  • For any questions or support, please contact us

General Donation

Donations in this category cover general expenses and services offered by the MAH, including capital projects, if needed.


Donation for Ancaster Mosque Project

Support the upcoming Ancaster Mosque project.


Donation for Umar Mosque

If you’re looking to donate to Umar Mosque and its projects, including its ongoing maintenance and future expansion projects.


Donation for Parking Lot

Support the ongoing capital development project to acquire adjacent land to further enhance the capacity of the Mountain Mosque.


Donation for Islamic School of Hamilton

Islamic School of Hamilton is the premier school in the region offering not only Ontario-mandated curriculum but also an Islamic curriculum enriching the growth and development of our children.



Fulfil your obligation in paying zakat-ul-fitr for yourself and your family online so we can distribute the zakaat in time for Eid inshaAllah.



If you wish to donate for sadaqah as per its valid rulings, this option ensures the MAH receives your donation as sadaqah and applies it accordingly.



If you are looking to donate as per the obligatory requirement of zakat-ul-maal, please select this option.