The Muslim Association of Hamilton (Hamilton Mountain Mosque and Umar Mosque) is pleased to declare that

Friday September 1, 2017  is Eid ul Adha for the year 1438 A.H and Eid shall be celebrated on this day, inshaa Allah. Please click the poster below for information on Eid prayers schedules at Mountain and Umar masjid.

Eid al adha Namaz 2

On behalf of the MAH Board of Directors, Staff, Majlis-e-shura, Umar masjid committee members, Imam Sayed Tora, Imam Syed Abdullah Qadri and Sheikh Arafat Elashi we hope you had blessed days of Dhul hijjah and wish greetings for Eid. We ask Allah SWT to grant us sincerity and strength to maximize and increase our efforts and virtues for this great month so we may be of the successful and righteous people during this month and after. Aameen

Here are a few things to remember;

Sister’s prayer area accessibility The prayer room at the rear of the main prayer hall is available for women who have difficulty climbing stairs. Please enter through the East entrance to access this room.

Parking at the mountain masjid is only available at Masjid parking & Leon’s Furniture Store for first prayer. For Second prayer, parking is only available at the masjid.

As before, MAH is encouraging meat donation to be made to Barakah box. Please click the poster below for more information.

BBox Meat Collection

We have planned a Eid Family BBQ for the weekend, following Eid. Please join us on September 10th to enjoy company of your family and friends with a fun filled afternoon. Please click poster below for more information.

Eid BBQ party