Click hereFor several years now, the Muslim Association of Hamilton has adopted the view of the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) to determine the start and end of the Holy month of Ramadan.
Hence, Ramadan 1st, 1440 A.H. started on Monday May 6th, 2019.
On behalf of Board of Muslim Association of Hamilton, Staff, Majlis-e-shura, Umar Masjid Committee,  Imams, Sheikh Sayed Tora and Sheikh Abdullah Qadri, we wish all muslim to have a happy and production Ramadan.
In addition, based on the statement from the Association of Muslim Juristsof America (AMJA), it is encouraged that the beginning and end of the fasting period is something we all unite on, especially if the majority of the community and its leadership are of one particular view. We invite you to follow this overarching theme of conscious conformity in our message as well.
While many Mosques and Islamic Centres across North America choose to adapt the view of FCNA, we understand that others choose not to. It is, however, important that you adhere to and follow the declaration of your local Mosques and communities for the start and end of Ramadan to keep the community intact and united.
Taraweeh Prayers established as of Sunday night May 5th,2019 at both Hamilton Mountain and Umar Mosques. (See Arabic, here)
For detailed Ramadan Sahoor and Iftaar schedule, please Click here
For detailed schedule of Taraweh at Mountain Masjid, Click here
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Please note that the Value of Sadaqat Al-Fitr is about $10.00/person.
May Allah make this Ramadan of yours a unique and fruitful one, such that will bring a true, positive and lasting change in your life.

Ramadan Daily Brain Teaser:

Daily Quiz competition for the youth Ages 12-19, Both males and females:

What:  Daily Ramadan Brain Teaser(Question)
Who:  Youth Ages 12-19
Daily Draw – one prize  $10.00
Weekly Draw: two weekly prizes
First – $ 40.00
Second – $ 25.00
1- one Answer submission per person
2- Age: must be 12-19 years of age
3- to qualify for the weekly draw: the participant must have at least 3 out of 6 correct answers in the daily draw
4- entries will be submitted online only (link below)
5- The Questions and Winners named will be Announced During Taraweeh prayer and will be posted online, after.

Submit your answers by 2pm the following day to:

The winners so far, are:
Wednesday May 8, Ramadan 3rd Winner: Afrah Rahman

Thursday May 9, Ramadan 4th Winner: Abdullah Mirza

Friday May 10, Ramadan 5th Winner : Manha Muhammad

Saturday May 11, Ramadan 6th Winner : Haseeb Hussein
Sunday May 12, Ramadan 7th Winner : Yusra Imran
Monday May 13, Ramandan 8th Winner: Ziad Ramadan
First Weekly Prizes Winners:
$40 – Manha Muhammad
$25 – Alyas Weera
$25 – Hashim Khan
Tuesday May 14, Ramadan 9th Winner: Zakaria Hammouda
Wednesday May 15, Ramadan 10 Winner: Omar Barakat
 Thursday May 16, Ramadan 11 Winner: Merah Attily
Friday May 17, Ramadan 12th Winner: Maryam AmroSaturday Ramadan 13th Question:
Name six countries , cities, towns, or historic places on earth mentioned in the QuranSUBMIT YOUR ANSWER ONLINE by 2:00 pm Daily via link belowمسابقة مسجد الجبل الثقافية الرمضانية للشباب والفتيات اعمار ١٢-١٩الفائز بجائزة يوم الجمعة ١٢
رمضان : مريم عمروسؤال يوم السبت ١٣ رمضان:
اذكر ستة بلاد أو مدن أو قرى أو أماكن تاريخية على وجه الأرض ذكرت في القرآن الكريمقدم مشاركتك قبل الساعة ٢ ظهرا كل يوم ، عبر الرابط التالي:
SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER ONLINE via link below (by 2pm the following day)
مسابقة مسجد الجبل الثقافية الرمضانية للشباب والفتيات اعمار ١٢-١٩.
الفائز بجائزة يوم الخميس ٤ رمضان : عبدالله مرزا

سؤال يوم الجمعة ٥ رمضان:
غير الخلفاء الراشدين ، اذكر اسماء ثلاثة من الصحابة العشر المبشرين بالجنة.

قدم مشاركتك عبر الرابط التالي:


There will be two Eid prayers at both of our masjids, Mountain and Umar Masjid. The details for times will be released shortly.

After 2nd Eid prayers, children gifts will be given to children, who have pre-registered.

See details of kids toy drive by clicking image below.

Eid Gift poster

To sponsor any amount towards these gifts, please Click here

To register a child, please Click here

At the end of the month, Inshaa Allah an Eid Dinner has been organized to meet and greet all, please see details by clicking image below.