The Legacy Tour Jan 25, 2019

More information about speakers:

1. Taha Ghayyur:

Taha Ghayyur is a writer, public speaker, khatib, community organizer, and leadership trainer in Toronto, Canada. He is the author of over a hundred articles on issues related to youth, personal development, community development, and Islamic living in North America. Taha has over 15 years of experience in delivering workshops, seminars, webinars & Khutbas on public speaking, communication, youth development, personal development, leadership, and organizational behaviour. Taha is currently the Director of Communications at Sound Vision, Director at Burma Task Force Canada and an instructor at Understanding Islam Academy. He is also sits on the Board of Directors for DawaNet and MuslimFest.

He will be speaking about Umm Ayman (Barakah), may Allah be pleased with her.

2. Sara Moselhy:

With a double major in Psychology and Professional Writing, Sara graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree. During the years of undergraduate education, she contributed to organizations on and off campus that helped me gain valuable practical experience and transferable skills. She worked as a Student Organizations Activities Assistant, a Student Organization President, a Distress Line Responder, a Research Assistant, a Teacher, and a Secretary. Sara grew passionate to serve students and contribute meaningfully to the community. She is especially interested in counseling, administration, writing, and event management.

She will be speaking about anxiety and depression. She will speak about different situations and signs in others and when to reach out. She will tie this into br Taha’s lecture.


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