(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. November 28, 2013)–As we all know by now, three suspects have been arrested for the burning down of the Hindu Samaj temple and vandalism of the
Hamilton Mountain Mosque on September 15, 2001.

We wish to applaud and commend Police Chief Glenn De Caire and the Hamilton Police Services for their hard work, diligence and persistence in finding those responsible for these senseless and ignorant acts. Such hateful acts are unacceptable no matter what community, ethnic group or people they are directed towards.

We are confident that the suspects will be accorded due judicial process and, if found guilty, will be punished to the full extent of the law. We pray that this becomes a positive life-­‐changing event for these individuals where they will strive to achieve true inner peace instead of hate.

Moving forward, members of the Hindu and Muslim communities seek open dialogue with our greater community so that we can get to know one another, work together, through knowledge and awareness, and break down cultural and ethnic barriers that cause hatred
and racism so we may all live together respectfully and peacefully.

ABOUT THE MUSLIM ASSOCIATION OF HAMILTON (MAH): The Muslim Association of Hamilton (MAH) is a registered charitable organization dedicated to providing religious, educational and social services for the diverse Muslim community in Hamilton. For more information, please contact MAH spokesperson Dr. Raza Khan at (905) 975-3781 – rmkhan@gmail.com.

ABOUT THE HINDU SAMAJ TEMPLE OF HAMILTON: The Hindu Samaj of Hamilton & Region is a nonprofit charitable religious organization registered with the CCRA. Hindu Samaj of Hamilton & Region strives to satisfy the spiritual, social, educational, and cultural needs of the Hindu community residing in Hamilton and surrounding
communities. We have been serving the Hamilton community since 1976. The Hindu Samaj of Hamilton & Region was formed in 1975 and received the charter as a charitable religious organization in February 1976. In September 2001, our temple was destroyed by fire. With generous help from the community in Hamilton, over a million dollars was raised to build a new temple. For more information, please contact Mr. Vinod Kapoor, President, at (905) 921-0600 – vinremax@yahoo.com.


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