The Muslim Association of Hamilton (MAH) is a registered charitable organization dedicated to providing religious, educational and social services for the diverse Muslim community in Hamilton.

The MAH provides three multi-purpose meeting rooms, one conference room and a community centre available at the Mountain Mosque. These rooms are made available to individuals and groups which promote religious, educational, social and community activities which are unbiased and non-political and are consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Criminal Code of Canada, the Ontario Human Rights Code, and the Ontario Anti-Racism Policy.

To request a room a facility booking form must be filled and submitted to the MAH Facility Booking Committee. This committee consists of Br. Bahaa Amer (Chair), Br. Zafar Pasha, Br Ejaz Nadeem and Br Affaf Ahtisham.

Rooms are booked on a first come first served basis and can be booked a maximum of six months in advance. Room bookings are not considered confirmed until the MAH-Facility Booking Committee confirms bookings times and dates. Communication will be made to the requesting individual/group to confirm booking.

Level 1
-The Conference room (Level 1) can accommodate a maximum of 75 people.
-The Lowel Level Multi-purpose meeting room can accommodate 30 people.
-The Community Center can accommodate 200 people.
Level 2 (Mezzanine)
-The West room can accommodate 25 people
-The East room can accommodate 25 people

Booking Policy
• Tentative bookings will be held for a maximum of 48 hours, or at the discretion of the MAH-Facility Booking Committee.
• Permission to use facilities does not imply endorsement by Muslim Association of Hamilton of the aims, policies, or activities of any group. Sale of goods is not permitted unless prior approval is given by MAH-Facility Booking Committee.
• The MAH Board reserves the right to deny or cancel use of facilities if there is a likelihood of physical danger to people, premises, or equipment; if there has been a misrepresentation of the individual/group’s aims; if a group has previously misused facilities; if the proposed activity/event is against the law, or if the activity will negatively impact the MAH’s operations, mission and values.
• The MAH does not provide advertising for meetings or programs unless the MAH is a co-sponsor. Where the MAH is not a co-sponsor, groups using the rooms must not imply in any way in their advertising or publicity that the MAH and/or the MAH Board endorses the group’s meeting, aims, policies or activities.
• The MAH should appear only as the location of the meeting. Organizations must clearly indicate their names and provide contact information for meetings being held on MAH premises in their advertising.
• No smoking, lighting of candles, or any other materials is permitted in MAH facilities.
• Reasonable noise levels must be observed during events taking place during prayer times.
• The rooms must be left in the same condition as they were found prior to use.
• Only free-standing or table decorations may be used. Nothing may be affixed to the walls.
• If you no longer require use of the room, cancellations must be made by directly contacting the MAH-Facility Booking Committee. Voice mail messages are not acceptable as official cancellation notification.
• Bookings are non-transferable to another date or party.
• The MAH assumes no responsibility for personal injury or damage, or for lost or stolen articles belonging to any group or individual using rooms or attending a program or meeting.
• Groups or individuals booking the rooms are responsible for any charges resulting from furniture, building or equipment damage or loss.
• If the projector, monitor and/or sound system are required as additional equipment, the individual responsible for booking the room will be required to sign for these items when it is received, and to return the items intact when done, where the MAH Administrative Assistant will sign for its satisfactory return. For after-hours functions a designate will be appointed by the
MAH-Facility Booking Committee to sign that the equipment has been returned intact.
• The MAH will assume no liability for damages or expenditures on behalf of the individual/group using the room.
• In the event of a fire alarm, all room users are required to exit the building immediately through the nearest fire exit and await permission to re-enter.
• MAH personnel must be permitted access to the workshop rooms.
• The MAH cannot store items or materials for users. All items, including catering, associated dishes and utensils should be removed immediately after the event.

Obligations of the Person Booking Facility at the MAH
• Clean the room before leaving the room.
• Turn-off the lights and any equipment used before leaving the room.
• Leave the Room’s furniture in the order it was found.
• Lock the doors when the room is vacated.
• Inform the MAH-Facility Booking Committee regarding any malfunctioning equipment.