It is imperative that we educate ourselves on how to minimize, control and help each other during Covid-19 pandemic.  In this attempt, please find resource below, translated in different languages spoken in our community. (Please note that all the information in this brochure is based on the information available as of,  March 18, 2020)

Please click each language hilited below, for a document, to read in the respective language.


Arabic العربية

Urdu اردو

Disclosure: This consolidated information is for guidance only and it does not replace any recommendation from your doctor. This information can change with Government of Canada and Public Health announcements. It is your responsibility to continuously check for up to date information.

If any senior, or someone who needs help with delivery of any grocery or household item, please get in touch with us Sr. Rabia Awan 289-933-1668 or Sr. Nazarene Sahib 905-516-3507 or email at

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