Winter Camp from December 22 to December 27th
Boys and Girls Ages 12-17

Winter Camp 2018

Winter Camp registration and other details
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1 Day Winter Camp

Girls only Ages 6-11

Winter Camp Children 2018


Jabl Youth – Skating Event

Boys and Girls Ages 13-18

Winter Camp Youth 2018


Sisters Only Event – All Ages

Go Green 2018


Cancellations/ On HOLD Programs:

  • Al-Furqan School @Mountain Masjid (from December 25 to January 3, resumes on January 8 inshaa Allah)
  • Maktab @Umar Masjid (from December 25 to January 1, resumes on January 2nd inshaa Allah)
  • Tafseer Halaqa @Umar Masjid (December 21 and December 28, resumes again on January 4th inshaa Allah)
  • Weekly Seniors Walk and Breakfast @Mountain Masjid (from December 23 to January 6, resumes again on January 13 inshaa Allah)
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